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pool guard invisible swimming pool barrier

Swimming Pool Safety
In Houston, TX

Keep your swimming pool safe in Houston, The Woodlands, Dallas, Ft. Worth and Austin! Pool Guard Texas fences are your solution for removable mesh safety fences. Our swimming pool fencing products have been manufactured and installed for over 30 years by our family owned and run company. Our trained and certified professional installers have installed over 65,000 pool fences nationwide (over 17,000 in Houston – The Woodlands Texas, and 17,000 in Dallas – Austin). We carry quality products, including inground pool covers. We use our own installers and do not use handy help. Each installer is trained and certified. We take great pride in our work and making your family safe for generations to come.

Through experience, Pool Guard’s fence construction is the envy of the industry!

Our fences have the strongest Quad core aluminum pole, patent pending self-closing/self-latching safety gate and new lower pricing. Pool Guard Texas swimming pool fences and self-locking baby gates are manufactured with the highest quality materials available today. All of our products are manufactured in the USA. Rest assured, we will provide you and your family the safest swimming pool fence available to prevent accidental drowning.

pool guard invisible swimming pool barrier

Professionally installed by a certified Pool Guard Texas employee

Our pool fences, pool nets and baby gates have a Lifetime Warranty and will give you years of swimming pool enjoyment and safety. We at Pool Guard Texas – Woodlands understand the trust you have placed in us to protect your family and will not let any detail go unnoticed.

Accidental Drowning

According to Government Statistics, accidental drowning is the number one cause of death for children under the age of five in the USA. Pool Fencing is the safest choice to prevent this kind of tragedy.

Removable Pool Fences

Pool fences are the best form of a passive protection babysitter any home can have. Installing removable mesh fencing can be a child lifesaver by protecting against accidental drowning of children, toddlers, babies and pets.

There are a variety of names for Pool Safety Fences. So, whether you are looking to install a pool barrier, swimming pool enclosure, baby gate, or a removable pool safety fence; with Pool Guard Texas, you will get what you are looking for – a great way to protect your little ones.


Safety & Prevention!

The relevance is obvious; a baby or toddler is most susceptible to drowning if no safety barrier is there to prevent him/her from falling in. Swimming-pool baby gates should have a gate latch that is a self closing and locking mechanism and be up to local building codes. Removable mesh fencing can be temporary, is transparent, protects your swimming pool better then an electronic alarm, and with aluminum construction, will be maintenance free for years to come.

Install a Safety Fence Today!

Installing a swimming pool safety fence as a barrier should be an absolute necessity to prevent the accidental drowning of babies, children and pets. Grandparents throughout Texas have installed Pool Guard Fences to protect the lives of their Grandchildren. After all, our fences are removable and very easy for adults of all ages to operate. Grandparents can simply take down the fence when the Grandchildren go home. Parents can take the fence down for an adult only event. Enjoy the flexibility and safety features of our removable fences.


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