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Pool Guard Texas is concerned about recent drowning report

Pool Guard Texas has become increasingly alarmed with high number of reported drowning cases in the state this year, especially since many of these incidents could have been prevented.

Dallas/Fort Worth’s NBC affiliate released a story last week regarding pool safety, noting that 41 drowning incidents have taken place in Texas this year, with nearly half of those taking place in backyard pools.

According to the Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas, drowning is the leading cause of injury death for children from one to nine years of age. While local cities and towns have the ability to pass their own laws regarding pool safety, the state of Texas does not have any legislation regarding pool safety like the laws in California, Florida and Arizona.

According to the Texas Conservative Coalition, “New, statewide swimming pool regulations would be an ineffective and unnecessary substitute for responsible supervision of children around a pool.”

While the Conservative Coalition is partially correct, there need to be layers of protection in and around the swimming pool. An adult “water watcher” is a wonderful and very effective tool while children are actively swimming. The issues arise when a child gains access to an unprotected pool unbeknownst to a parent/guardian.

The Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas wishes to see four-sided pool fencing required around a residential swimming pool, something that Pool Guard Texas agrees with. Pool barrier fences with a self-closing and self-latching gate are an excellent additional safety precaution for your home.

“Please consider adding a Pool Guard four-foot tall pool safety fence between your home and pool,” said Rick Leviton of Pool Guard Texas. “Please don’t take the risk of your child becoming number 42.”

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