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Pool Guard Texas offers variety of safety products, tips


A pool can be a wonderful place, providing hours of entertainment and comfort in hot Texas weather.However, it can also be a dangerous place for kids if a supervising adult is not present.  At Pool Guard Texas, we want to make sure your pool time is a safe time.

Remember these tips:

• Designate water watchers: When children are in the pool, adult supervision is a must. A great way to ensure children’s safety in the pool is to designate one of the adults accompanying children to the pool as a water watcher, even if there’s a lifeguard present. This adult, equipped with a whistle, should watch the pool without distraction – this means not reading or using a cell phone.
• Install a non-climbable pool safety fence, like those offered at Pool Guard Texas, to completely surround your pool. These work best when they are at least four feet tall and have child-resistant self-latching gates that close on their own.
• Inspect your pool safety equipment: A professional who inspects your pool and safety equipment can ensure that all equipment is installed correctly. Items to check out each season include pool lights to prevent electrocution and drain covers to ensure that children can’t be trapped underneath them.
• Enforce safety rules: To ensure that pool time is a safe time at your home, enforcement of a few simple rules can make all the difference. Every time children go near a pool, remind them to ask permission to go into the pool area and that no one is allowed to swim alone. Older children should not be allowed to dive into the shallow end, play near the stairs, push others into the pool or hold them underwater. Those who don’t know how to swim should always be required to wear approved life vests and stay close to an adult.

Pool Guard Texas, a company dedicated to pool safety, urges everyone to keep their pools safe. The company offers several products to keep kids safe from pool accidents, including removable mesh pool fences, glass enclosures and pool covers. The company can make custom-designed products to suit the homeowner’s preferences and requirements.

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About Pool Guard Texas

Pool Guard Texas offers the best solutions to keep swimming pools safe in The Woodlands, Fort Worth and Austin, including removable mesh safety fences. The family-owned company has trained and certified professional installers who use the best safety techniques during installation. Pool Guard Texas offers the safest and strongest pool safety fences on the market today and also offers the most attractive pool fences on the market. The company uses powder-coated, rustproof, reinforced aluminum on devices that meet or exceed all National Safety Council, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and local barrier code requirements.


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