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Pool Guard Texas sees a solution to the string of drowning deaths in May

Pool season has dawned in the Houston area, and with it have come a series of unfortunate, yet preventable, accidents. Pool Guard Texas works tirelessly to prevent incidents like this from taking place.

On Mother’s Day, a five-year-old slipped into a pool and drowned. This tragic incident was the third drowning since May 1.

Why, I ask, why does this need to continue,” Rick Leviton, of Pool Guard Texas, asked. “Pool and pond owners need to understand that it does not matter if a child, or even an adult, knows how to swim. If you slip around a pool, which most decks are slippery, it could be tragic ending. Why take that chance?”

Pool Guard Texas has a solution to the needless deaths. The company can install a beautiful, fully removable pool safety fence, nets and covers. They are a one-stop shop for family safety in and around the pool.

“Take ACTION now,” Leviton implored. “We want your business, but, better yet, we want to save our children.”

For more information about Pool Guard Texas or its other pool safety fence products, call its Houston office at 281-495-8800. Mention this blog post and receive $50 off on an installation of $800 or greater!

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