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Pool Guard Texas urges ultimate caution during summer pool season

Most parents are well aware of the swimming ability of their children, but how well are they aware of the skills of their children’s friends? Pool Guard Texas urges parents to consider this when hosting pool parties, play dates and sleepovers during summer vacation.

If a parent has a child who is a great swimmer and doesn’t need a floatation device, they may forget that their friends may not be natural swimmers. Is that child comfortable around water? Do they need a foam noodle, ring or arm bands?

“These are the questions you should be asking your children’s friends parents before they come to your home and become your responsibility,” Rick Leviton, of Pool Guard Texas, said. “Children and adults of all ages do not know how to swim. This is not anything to be embarrassed about, but precautions need to be taken.”

It is important to remember that any visitors to a person’s home are their responsibility.

“Do you have enough insurance to cover any preventable accidents,” Leviton asked. “Did you take the steps to help yourself and your family, IE Barriers of safety.”

It is also important to secure a pool when not in use. Use special locks located high on the back doors. Invest in alarms for back doors and windows. Perhaps the most important safety item is a pool safety fence, which can be provided by Pool Guard Texas.

Many insurance companies will offer discounts for homeowners who take these precautions.

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