Dealing with Rick was a pleasure, always a quick response whether via text or phone calls. Rick came out to the house we were buying back in February to give an estimate, we got everything in order and had the fence installed this past weekend. Rick said his guys would be there at 9am, they called the day prior to confirm and were actually at the house 30 minutes early ready to work. David and I went over the layout and he and Erick got busy. They never came back to ask questions or had any issues. When finished, David went over everything with me, explained the safety aspects, warranties and functions. The fence looks great and would highly recommend using Pool Guard of Texas for your safety/security needs. I have two boys that are 2 & 4, they were already testing out the strength of the fence and locking mechanisms that afternoon, they didn’t succeed in gaining entry! Thank you Rick, David and Erick for your help.
Fred Garner

We had a Pool Guard Fence installed recently and we could not be happier. It’s affordable and attractive, and best of all we can take it down completely in a matter of minutes for a pool party or for tending our palm trees. They came out for an estimate and completed the job all in the same afternoon. We would highly recommend them. Thanks guys!
Michael C., Huntsville, Texas

I had my pool guard fence installed a few days ago and so far I love it. The people were awesome and easy to deal with. The fence itself seems to be very high quality and adds a lot to the beauty of my backyard. Would definitely recommend this company and their product.
James Wayne Whatley

I had a pool safety net put in at my home and I couldn’t be happier.  The service was quick and professional, and now I don’t have to worry about something happening.  One of the best removable pool safety fences I have used.
Aidan K. Adams

I had a Franchise Safety company come out and put in my Pool Fence. I shopped price. I thought it was all the same, well its not. This other company did such a job I wish I can post the pictures on the site here. When they left the fence was loose, they used huge eye hooks into my wall that were already rusty. The gate door was set on a slant. Mr B said that is how it set so the door closes automatically. I just was not happy. I called and called and called to get him back to do an adjustment. No call back. I called Rick at Pool Guard and told him my story, (he had given me a bid also and was 100.00 higher) Rick and Steven came out and I went over with them my concerns. Steven pointed out that the spaces between the poles were over 6 inch in width at some points, enough for a head restraint. I did not even notice this. I asked if they can use what we have and fix it correctly? They said yes. At this point I did not care about price, I did not even ask what they would charge.

They took the whole fence down, redid it, drilled 2 more needed holes, fixed the gate and had it all back up in a jiffy. I was stunned, I was shocked, it looked like a whole different fence. It was tight, straight and no gaps for heads to get stuck. Wow what a great reinstall. And the gate was straight and works. Rick handed me an invoice for $50.00. I was expecting $300.00 or more. This company is professional, fair on price and just fine to work with. I will talk about my experience and make sure people do go with an expert. I found out that Rick and his crew have been doing this for 2 decades here in Houston.

I want to add that I gave a $100.00 tip to these guys and they refused to accept it.

This is Professional grade!
M. Levine, Spring Branch, (Houston), Texas

In 1998 Pool Guard put in my first pool fence. A black mesh fence that I did not want. My wife went ahead and did it while I was at work. I came home to this fence and I was upset about it but knew we needed it. On Saturday we were having a party, my wife said Rick told her it would take 8 to 10 minutes to take it down, all around the pool. Well I will be, it took me 6 minutes to take it all down. I thought this is not so bad after all. Fast Forward to 2013. Rick just left not my second house, but my Third home with a pool. When we moved into the second house I had called Pool Guard to put in a fence before we moved in, that is how much I came to love the idea. Well my Kids are now 15, 9 and 3. We just put up a new Bronze and Tan fence around the new pool not really for the 3 year old, but for my dogs. It is great to see the same person that put in my fence in 1998 still here in 2013. That says a lot about the person, the company and the quality of product.

Thank You for making my kids and now pets safe.
Chuck Norris, Spring, Texas

You put my fence in 2003, It still looks great. I called you to tell you that a tree had fallen on a section of fence. We were not sure how much damage the pool fence had gotten from the fall. When they removed the tree and all its limbs there was a broken pole from the over a ton tree. We called you at 1 pm on Thursday, you stated we will get to it as soon as possible. 2;30 The same day there was a knock at my door. I looked out and saw a Pool Guard Truck. Wow, this must be a fluke. I opened the door and Steven said I am here to fix and adjust the fence. One hour later he knocked on the door and said we are back up and SAFE, no charge. I was blown away by how quick a response was to repair a fence put in 10 years back, how nice Steven was, and to top it off NO CHARGE when it was not Pool Guards Fault. Wow what a great company to deal with, some of the major box stores should take customer service lessons from this company. A great big shout out to a terrific company with great customer service.
Jana Adair Blinn, Katy, Texas

I am here to say Thank You. My child fell in to the Pool over the weekend and was rushed to the Hospital. Thank God she is fine, safe and released from medical care. We as a family were required to place a safety fence around our pool prior to the release of my child from the Hospital. I told my husband I want to fill the devil in with dirt. He stated I see a grey truck and a grey car all the time on the toll road. Let me see if I can Google it. This was 9 pm on a Saturday night. My husband called the number and was ready to leave a message, when the phone was answered. Five minutes later my husband was off the line and said they will meet me in the morning at 8;30. On a Sunday I said?

My husband left the Hospital Sunday morning and met with Evans at our home. When he got back to the hospital at about 1pm he showed me a few pictures of how our pool now looks with a removable pool safety fence around it. I told him it does not look bad, if you think this is really safe then lets do this and not fill in the pool. He looked at me and said this is done, I just showed you the pictures. I thought it was a mock drawing, I could not believe how quickly they responded and had the fence in before noon the next day. I will always refer out Rick and his crew at Pool Guard to all my friends. The one thing I did find out after this was all my friends have already used Rick. Not only is he a pool safety expert, but he is a Professional Child Safety inspector and does the inside baby proofing.

Cheers to you and your fine group
Name withheld, Houston, Texas

Hi, I just wanted to say what a great job your company has done for us. We were not home when you installed the Bronze and tan fence today. When we got home we did our normal thing, sat down to eat dinner and my wife said I guess they did not finish the fence today. I was upset! We both walked outside to realize the fence was finished. It looked so good from inside that you cant really even see it. We were both VERY impressed. This product looks better in my backyard then the pictures you showed us, and I will tell everybody who has a pool about your company.

Thank You for a great and clean job
Bob and Deb, Missouri City, Texas

Dear Pool Guard,
My wife always makes quick decisions and are so glad we listened to you. We called you to come out and do an estimate for a net. You did just that, and also talked to us about the fence. We took your advice and went and visited a few customers with the net system. We were shocked at how hard it is to take off, and put back on. The time it took to put on we both realized we would never put it back on. We went with the fence. We are so pleased, and yes it is easy to take down. We love the fence and the color we chose, you can not even see it from inside the home. Thank you to you and your company for not being a pushy person, and letting us make our decision based on our lifestyle. Thank you to your installers for being on time, neat and very professional. We will pass your name on to all our friends.
Dr. J Marta and S. Dusling, Houston, Texas

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